Reach clients with an influential buying capacity!
Más Amigos offers you several ways to advertise and reach out to a clientele with an influential buying capacity.

Ad Contact:
Joachim Myhr  phone.png  609 74 64 41   (Svenska . Spanska . Engelska)
Cristina Myhr Perez phone.png 659 22 79 00 (Spanska och Engelska)

Amigos - popular magazine with 40,000 readers
The most valued and popular member benefit is the members magazine, Amigos. It has a circulation of 14,000 copies and has a total of about 40,000 readers per issue. It is also a magazine that has long lifetime and ad exposure is often several times per reader. For the current publication schedule, ad price list more detailed information and conditions, click here. - an important news source
Más Amigos website has over 3,000 unique visitors per week. Any visitors staying an average of the entire nine minutes on the site and the average reading is just over a minute per page. It is implicit in our website a very good advertising space for banner advertising. We offer 120x60, 250x250 or 250x60 ads on the front page.

  • Price for 120x60 on the right hand column first side 35 € / month + IVA. Ad will appear at random spot in the upper right corner.
  • Price for 250x250 on the right hand column first page 100 € / month + IVA. Ad will appear at random spot in the upper right corner, just below the 120x60 ads.
  • Price for 250x60 on the right hand column first page 60 € / month + IVA. Ad will appear at random spot in the upper right corner, just below the 250x250 ads.

Board of Business Cards
In Más Amigos office reception in Torrevieja there is a business card board where many of our members are looking for contact with various enterprises. Anyone with a registered Spanish company is welcome to book your own business card pocket for the publication of information and business cards to their business. The price for a business card compartment is 80 € / year + IVA.

We can offer various kinds of preferential packages of the above.

Business presentation or another type of event and sponsorship
Would you like to invite to a business meeting at our offices to talk about your business, we’ll be happy to arrange this. The same applies to sponsorship or other type of participation at our events and competitions/tournaments. Call phone.png+34 966 70 00 84 or email with your ideas on this.

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